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Happy High Performing Athlete


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why you should

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I show that happiness and performance can exist simultaneously by bringing happiness mindset skills into the daily life of high achieving athletes.

Athletes often focus on their mental game during the performance.

What high performing athletes often forget is how they feel outside of “game time”. I am here to help you feel happier in your everyday life, and help you understand how this will enhance your performance at “game time”.

Hop on the journey with me and let me help you become a happy high performing athlete.



Weekly check in

I promise you that I will be there for you all the way. We have a weekly scheduled check in and furthermore you are welcome to reach out anytime during the week.


Ongoing proces

We will increase your inner happiness by structure and planning, gratitude mindset, goalsetting and visualization, game mindset and much more.



This way we will make sure you become happier in your life and as a result see your performance increase. Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?

My values

I will be your safe space

I know what it means to have high ambitions in a world where a lot of athletes are dreaming of the same thing.

Let me help you stand out with a great attitude that will give you a much better chance to become the professional athlete you have always dreamt of.

And the great thing here is that we together can make sure you will be happy all the way to the top.

What the stars think of the movement

Smilla Sønderby, professionel golf player on the Ladies European Tour

“The most important thing in my life to perform as an athlete is that I am happy. I believe that in order to be happy, what you do, needs to make sense to you. At 16 I wrote down my reason to play golf; “inspire people to use their time on things that makes them happy”

Now, my vision as a professional golfer is: To do my absolute best every day To be able to hit the best shots possible under pressure Which leads to big emotions and experiences That will inspire others to dare using their time immersing themselves in what they really enjoy doing.

My second believe about being happy is that you are surrounded by good people. I’m so lucky to have my boyfriend by my side all the time on the course to make me laugh by for example trying to learn to speak danish or to entertain me with some “category games”

The best performances I’ve had, have been the ones where I’ve had the most fun. Those performances have also been the once where I’ve been the most clarified with my game but also with my life outside of golf.”

Smilla Sønderby, 22, professionel golf player on the Ladies European Tour, from Denmark

My promise to you

 I will be your biggest cheerleader to help you make your dreams come true. I am committed to your journey towards becoming a happy high performing athlete.